1.  How do I place an order?
    Ordering is easy.  Simply select your “As Seen On Tour”  item or create a stunning ‘Make Your Own’ from the array of endless possibilities and Add To Cart. Then follow the easy step by step instructions.  You’ll love ordering at MacJac Art as we offer the highest quality – Guaranteed.  We extend to you  a fabulous online experience, similar to that you witnessed ‘On Tour’, with the types of products you love and all at great prices!
  2. How long does it take to receive my order?
    From the moment you create and submit your masterpiece or place your “As Seen on Tour” order it usually takes 5-7 business days for production and then 3-7 days for shipping.  If you ordered your  masterpiece using a promotion, we will strictly adhere to the shipping times quoted in the promotion.   At MacJac Art we simply love what we do.  Our team of professionals work earnestly using the most advanced equipment to ensure we produce the very best products in the marketplace.  Our team will strive to do everything they can to ensure you get your order to when and where you need it.
  3. How do I know my order went through?
    As soon as your order is placed your MacJac Art team will send you a confirmation receipt.  Occasionally these confirmation receipts are redirected to your spam or junk folder.  Please make all MacJac correspondence a “trusted sender” in your email program.  This will enable us to keep you updated on the progress and any other information regarding the status of your masterpiece shipment.

  4. How can I change the shipping or billing address on my order if I made a mistake?
    Contact support@macjacartwork.com to change your shipping or billing address as soon as possible.

  5. My Masterpiece has been damaged upon arrival. What do I do?
    We do our best to ensure your masterpiece arrives in Mint Condition.  Stuff happens!!  Should your masterpiece arrive damaged in transit then Contact Us MacJac Art team immediately.  We would appreciate if you held onto the packaging and took a couple of pictures of the damage.  We will ship you out a reprint ASAP.

  1. What Size do you offer in Make Your Own?
    MacJac Art offers a unique cropping tool. Try it once and you’ll love it forever. The final size of your masterpiece is entirely up to you.  This is an industry first in which you have literally hundreds of creative layouts and configurations to choose from right at your fingertips.  You are in control and command!!  You are the editor!! You can also zoom in or out of an image to only capture that, which inspires you!  Our online system will do the calculations and some image manipulation to show you what works best.  Should you upload and choose the Make Single Panel option then you have over 30 panel configuration sizes from the get go presented in the choose size dropdown box.  You also have option of producing your masterpiece on over 9 different substrates including Acrylic, Canvas, Fine Art Paper etc.  This is in the choose paper type dropdown box (Recap: 30 sizes  x 9 substrates  = 270 size and product permutations in Make Single Panel alone).   Should you choose Make Multi Panel option then you are able to produce your masterpiece as Diptych (2 Panel), Triptych (3 Panel), Quadriptych (4 Panel), Hexaptych (6 Panel), and Nonutych (9 Panel).  You also have (dependant on size of file) upwards of over 20 panel configuration sizes on up to 4 different substrates (Recap: 5 tychs x 20 sizes x 4 substrates = up to 400 size and product permutations in Make Multi Panel option).  Making a Grand total of over 670 sizes (not including zoom in/out ability and a myriad of frame options).  At MacJac Art we are confident we have the right size to suit your masterpiece and this is unveiled before your own very eyes.

  2. What Photo Size and/or Image File Type requirement is acceptable?
    The MacJac Art team likes to work with Jpegs.  Images under 2mb but higher than 700kb are sufficient for smaller Make Single Panel work.  Images that are 2mb or higher are just fabulous and enable us to proceed without need to apply a low-resolution filter.  MacJac Art team always suggests you use the original image from a digital camera.  Do not copy images from the Internet!  You are able to quickly check the image size by right clicking on your image, and then clicking on “properties” where the overall file size will be displayed.  You are able to upload files up to 50mb.  Anything larger than 50mb then you should contact us for further details.  MacJac Art team will contact you should your image be insufficient to produce your masterpiece.  MacJac Art team will only store your image temporarily once you have placed your order.  After 7 weeks we will delete your image from our archives.  This period should give you sufficient time to place any re-orders you may have.

  3. What different type of substrate (material) products do you offer?
    MacJac Art team pride ourselves in producing a truly artistic quality canvas without compromising in archival standards.  All our canvases are printed using the latest in giclee printing techniques utilizing the Epson 9900 and 11880 large format printers and are printed on museum grade archival canvas.  Once printed your canvas is then coated with our signature matte coating preserving and protecting your artwork for generations to come. Our default edge finishing is what is known as a mirror wrap, basically a portion of the edge of your photograph is copied and mirrored so that it covers the edge of the stretcher.  This means that none of your composition is lost on the edge of the stretcher.  We can easily accommodate solid color edges such as black or white by special request .To finish your canvas you can choose from either our regular sized gallery wrap canvas which is stretched on a 1 1/2" thick stretcher or from our low profile canvas gallery wrap where your artwork is stretched onto a 3/4" thick stretcher. All our stretched canvases come ready to hang.

    Facemount to Acrylic:

    Our facemount to acrylic process is like nothing else being offered on the market today.  Not only will our facemount process bring out the best in your photographs by enhancing vibrant colours, accentuating clear crisp details, and adding a three dimensional look second to none, your images will also get noticed with our unique and contemporary presentation. Each image is printed using a genuine high gloss photo paper designed specifically for the facemount process.  Your photograph is then mounted between framing grade acrylic and a black PVC or Diabond backing where a recessed hanging frame is applied literally giving the impression that your artwork is floating off the wall.  All our facemounts are 100 archival and guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading or changing in colour.  If you demand the best from your photography then you owe it to yourself to give our Facemount printing process a try.

    Fine Art & Photo Paper Prints:

    We stock several of the top photographic and art papers available on the market. Photographic Finish (Lustre and Gloss):

    Canson Baryta Photographique - 310 gsm - Semi gloss finish that consists of an alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure white paper.

    Epson Ultra Premium Lusture Photo Paper - Luster surface finish, 10-mil thickness for a durable photographic feel.

    Iilford Smooth Gloss - 310 gsm - A high gloss with a heavyweight look and feel of traditional photographic paper.

    Fine Art & Matte Papers:

    Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Bright White - 310 gsm - Matte fine art finish, 100% cotton.

    Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper - Flat matte finish that yields good colour reproduction.

    Specialty Papers:

    Peel "N" Stick by Photo Tex - A repositionable peel and stick polyester fabric material with an adhesive back that can be installed on most surfaces and moved and re-applied over and over again

    Vibrance Metallic by Breathing Color - This unique and exceptional photo paper is the only metallic paper on the market today that can be compared to the Kodak® metallic process.  Your images will appear to "pop" like you've never seen before on any photo paper with amazing colour and clear crisp details.

  4. What are your prices?
    MacJac Art has a price and size to suit every budgetYou have the option of producing your masterpiece on over 9 different substrates including Acrylic, Canvas, Fine Art Paper etc.  This is in the choose paper type dropdown box (Recap: 30 sizes x 9 substrates = 270 price and size permutations in Make Single Panel alone).   Should you choose Make Multi Panel option then you are able to produce your masterpiece as Diptych (2 Panel), Triptych (3 Panel), Quadriptych (4 Panel), Hexaptych (6 Panel), and Nonutych (9 Panel).  You also have (dependant on size of file) upwards of over 20 panel configuration sizes on up to 4 different substrates (Recap: 5 tychs x 20 sizes x 4 substrates = up to 400 price and size permutations in Make Multi Panel option).  Making a Grand total of over 670 different prices and sizes (not including zoom in/out ability and a myriad of frame options)  At MacJac Art we are confident we have the right price and size to suit your masterpiece!!  Work with the unique cropping tool to find out which size and price point best suits your masterpiece.  Still stuck?  A quick sample of prices for Make Single Panel is available at the following link

  5. Will the colours I see on my monitor vary slightly to the colours on my masterpiece?
    Yes, they may appear very slightly different. However, the final colours of your masterpiece will be extremely accurate to the real colour of your image.  Keep in mind our high quality commercial canvas-printing process utilizes CMYK colors. Unlike commercial printers, household printers and monitors use RGB, which artificially enhance the colours being displayed.  MacJac Art team will reproduce colour from your submitted photograph file as closely as possible, making you notice that the masterpiece looks a lot how you recalled seeing it originally, but we cannot exactly match color and density because of limitations in the printing process, monitor calibration and image resolution requirements. You most likely won't notice this kind of colour shift in a colour photograph. It is more likely to happen if you pick a very rich, vibrant color for a background or some other element of your layout. We know you will be happy with our results, as we have produced countless thousands of prints to happy customers the world over.

  6. How do I clean & maintain my canvas Masterpiece?
    The best way to clean a canvas and or acrylic is with a soft duster.  You can also use a damp cloth on the face of the canvas.

  7. Can I have a Masterpiece size larger than the ones I see displayed?
    Yes we do.  The MacJac Art team would be happy if you would use contact us with the approximate dimensions you hope to ultimately achieve. Have the original file size ready to send to us for our response.
  8. What is a Digital File Download?

    Once this item is purchased you will get an email with a Digital File Attached.  This you will receive– within 24 business hours of the transaction.  The digital file download of your masterpiece is for your personal use! You can then print the file at home or take it to a local printing company to have it printed.  This ability to print this file anywhere will save you money on shipping costs and means little waiting for it to arrive!

    Your local printer or photo lab can print up to 54 x 36 inches on any material/substrate

    No physical  product will be sent to you.  Files are strictly for PERSONAL OR  1 TIME GIFTING USE ONLY.  NOT for small or commercial business use.  Reproduction of said image in quantities over 10 prints, for sale or profit by the buyer is prohibited under the terms of agreement for all images purchased from the seller.  Download of digital images from this seller, by any buyer indicates acknowledgement and confirmation of agreement with the above terms.  You can print up to 54 x 36 inches on any material/substrate.


  1. Is buying at MacJac Art safe?
    MacJac Art utilises a secure server in all transactions that hold sensitive information.  A secure server guarantees the privacy of data transmitted through the Internet, including credit card information, through SSL protocol that encrypts the information. PayPal handles our checkout process: you get an extra layer of security when you use PayPal. That’s because all your financial information (like your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on their servers, so you don’t need to share your financial information with MacJac Art.

    In addition, PayPal transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by a dedicated team of security specialists. Their mission is to identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions.

  2. What Payment methods do you accept?
    For your convenience we offer PayPal, which supports credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal.
  3. What is your return policy?
    We will gladly accept a return for a replacement or refund provided the masterpiece is returned within Thirty (30) days from the date the masterpiece is received and meets our Summary Returns Terms and Conditions
  4. What is your privacy policy?
    Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to respecting it on this site. We will maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We use your personal information to process your order and nothing more. Should we ever change this policy we will provide notice on this site.
  5. What is copyright?
    A copyright gives its owner the right to copy, distribute, publicly display or create derivative works from the original work. A copyright also gives its owner the right to license those rights to others.
  6. How do I know if my photograph is protected by copyright?
    A photograph is copyright protected from the moment it is created. This means that even if you purchase a print or digital file from your photographer, you still need to talk to them about making reproductions from that item.

  7. How long does a copyright last?
    The current copyright term is the life of the creator – in this case, the photographer, plus an additional 70 years.

    Things to remember about copyright:

    Purchasing a print or digital file from your photographer does not mean you have purchased the copyright.

    Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.

    Unless you have permission from the photographer, you can’t copy, distribute (no scanning and sending them to others), publicly display (no putting them online), or create derivative works from photographs.

    Professional photographers are dependent on their ability to control the reproduction of the photographs they create.

    It affects their income and the livelihood of their families.

    Copyright infringements—reproducing photos without permission—can result in civil and criminal penalties.

    How to make legal copies of professional photographs:

    Contact the photographer/copyright owner. Photographers are happy to discuss options for reproducing photos with you.

    Check both the front and back of a print for a copyright notice. If it is a school, sports or similar type photo, you may want to contact the institution where the photo was made

    Use the Photographer Registry Web site to locate a photographer/copyright owner at www.PhotographerRegistry.com, so you can obtain reproductions or permission. With a few pieces of information about a photographer (i.e., they did portraits in Any town, USA in 200X), a search can be conducted to find the copyright owner.
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