23 and Me - Upload Your OWN FingerPrints and Customize Your OWN Prints into Wall Art. Amazing.  All Sizes & Materials. Shop Now
23 and Me - Upload Your OWN FingerPrints and Customize Your OWN Prints into Wall Art. Amazing.  All Sizes & Materials. Shop Now Dna Art Gallery - Upload Your OWN  FingerPrints and Get Personalized Wall Art. All Size & Materials. Shop Now. Dna Art Us - Upload Your OWN FingerPrints and Get Your OWN Personalize Wall Art in All Sizes and Materials. Shop Now. DNA Artist - Customize Your FingerPrints into Wall Art. Make Your OWN art like this. It's a fact. All Colors, Sizes and Materials. Shop Now. DNA Picture - Make Your Own Thumbprint Inspired Wall Art. Use Your OWN Image. All Sizes & Materials. Affordable Prices. Shop Now. Fingerprint Canvas Art - Send Us Your OWN Fingerprint, Review the Proof and Get Your Personalized Wall Art for Your Home. Fingerprint Portraits - Amazing, Personalized, Hand Formed Image of Your Own FingerPrints as Custom Wall Art. Fingerprint Wall Art - Upload Your FingerPrints and Get Your Personalize Wall Art in All Sizes and Materials. Shop Now. Painting of DNA - Send Us Your FingerPrints, Review the Proof and Get Your Personalize Wall Art for Your Home.
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Art As Unique as You Are......

It's amazing what incredible art you can create with just your Thumbprint, Footprint or Doggy Pawprint. This wonderful Artform is based on two basic premises.
  • Persistence: The basic characteristics of our prints do not change with time
  • Individuality: The print is unique to an individual.

Your unique DNA Portrait will make a bold art statement at home, or in the office!

These Fingerprint Art Collection Ink strips feature a thin layer of fingerprint paste ink sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic. 



Instructions for use;

1. Collection Ink strips consist of a layer of fingerprinting ink sandwiched between two thin, flexible, clear plastic strips.
2.  Simply pull apart the tabs to expose the ink, using it as you would traditional inking systems.
3. Press fingertip/thumb down onto ink strip, remove and press fingertip/thumb onto Collection Card provided. When finished with ink, simply throw away.
4.  Mail Collection Card to address given below – or, better still, - once your order is placed - take a great photo of both sides of the ‘filled out’ Card with your Camera or Cellphone and email as an attachment to:

support@macjacartwork.com (please include your order #)

Once your custom DNA Art is created we will email you a proof for approval. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will make up to 5 edits to the proof before printing.
Once you have approved the final proof, the DNA Art will be printed and shipped within 3-6 business days

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HD Metal

A Truly Magnificent addition to our amazing Metal Image range of Prints.

* Our dye sublimation process infuses the image directly into a specially coated precision cut high quality aluminum sheet to create a HD aluminum panel.

* The ultra-durable scratch resistant surface is water resistant and fade resistant. Our metal prints offer the longest fade resistance in the market 150 years.

* Experience vibrancy and depth of color with our Gloss finish.Colors pop and details come to life with the white base and high gloss coating. This is an excellent finish for any subject matter.

* This unique process turns every image into a vibrant work of art. 


A Truly Magnificent addition to our amazing Canvas Image range of Printed Images

* We've perfected our canvas finish and after months in development we are proud to announce what we feel to be the finest "fine art" canvas available anywhere today!

* We use only the finest canvas material available to produce your artwork. It is perfect for printing high end archival quality artwork.

* Thick 2-over-1 Oxford weave pattern results in luxurious feel.

* Our canvas prints are hand stretched onto North American kiln dried solid wood frames ensuring your Canvas Print will not warp or sag over time. 


Our facemount to acrylic process is like nothing else being offered on the market today.

*Not only will our facemount process bring out the best in your artwork by enhancing vibrant colours, accentuating clear crisp details, and adding a three dimensional look second to none, your artwork will also get noticed with our unique and contemporary presentation.

* Each image is printed using a genuine high gloss photo paper designed specifically for the facemount process.

*Your artwork is then mounted between framing grade acrylic and a black PVC or Diabond backing where a recessed hanging frame is applied literally giving the impression that your artwork is floating off the wall.

*All our facemounts are 100 archival and guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading or changing in colour. If you demand the best from your artwork then you owe it to yourself to give our Facemount printed process a try. 

Peel N Stick

Create a new look with these PEEL N STICK PRINTS.

* Simple to use. Just Peel and Stick.

* Great decor for homes, nurseries or dorms, easy to remove.

* Made from quality & revolutionary linen based material and non toxic glue they can be used on all smooth surfaces including walls, doors, windows, furniture and mirrors. They are easy to apply and to remove. PEEL N STICK PRINTS, decorative fun for the whole family.

* PEEL N STICK are printed on a revolutionary linen-based material with a special adhesive that sticks to walls without harming them.